Stay for an adult 20zł /day
Stay of teenagers 17zł /day
Children up to 3 years 0zł /day
Children up to 10 years stay 15zł /day
Tent for 1-2 people 20zł / day
3-4 persons tent 25zł / day
Tent for more than 4 people 40zł / day
Car 20zł / day
Non-residential bus 30zł / day
Small caravan, camper 40zł /day
Large caravan 50zł /day
Caravan 32zł /day
Caravan with vestibule 40zł /day
Connection to the energy 20zł /day
Motorcycle 15zł /day
Luggage trailer 20zł /day
Tent trailer 35zł /day
Animals 5 PLN
Trailer (all-inclusive price for the 2022 season) Sanitary facilities 10000 zł
Pavilion or additional vestibule 10zł

Tourist tax according to the decision of the local council

Price list od Camping, guest rooms and houses 2022

Houses and Guest Roomsfrom 01.07.2022
until 25.08.2022
until 30.06.2022
from 25.08.2022
House for 5 peoplefrom 540 zł/dayfrom 320 zł/day **
Room for 2 peoplefrom 210 zł/dayfrom 150 zł/day
Caravan for 3 people *from 95 zł/dayfrom 70 zł/day
Caravan for 4 people *from 210 zł/dayfrom 130 zł/day

* – Hire without bedding
In the price of the House is included 1 place for car
Hire of COTS and baths for your baby-20zł/day
Charge for any additional person staying amounts to 50% of a price per bed – bed sharing.
The day begins at 14 on the day of arrival and ends at 10 am on the day of departure
Additional bed – 50 PLN per day.