Camping Pricelist

Adult stay 17zł /day
Youth stay 15 zł / day
Children up to 3 years 0zl / day
Stay of children under 10 years 12 nl / day
Tent 1-2 people 15 nl / day
Tent 3-4 people 22zł /day
Tent for more than 4 people 35zł / day
Car 16 PLN / day
Non-residential bus 23zł /day
Small caravan, residential bus 35zł /day
Large caravan 42zł /day
Camping trailer 28zł / day
Caravan with vestibule 32zł /day
Energy connection 16zł / day
Motorbike 12 zł / day
Luggage caravan 14 zł / day
Tent caravan 25 zł / day
Animals 5 zł
Caravan (lump sum for the season 2021) plumbing 9000 zł
Tourist tax in accordance with the resolution of the Łeba Municipal Council
– until 30 June and from 25 August possibility of price negotiation up to 30% depending on the time of stay
– from 30 June to 25 August -10% from the position of the stay with a single payment for stays over 10 days
Check-in at the campsite starts at 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 2 p.m. on the day of departure

Cottages and rooms in Łeba Pricelist

Cottages and rooms in Łeba

Domki i Pokoje w Łebie from 01.07.2021
to 25.08.2021
from 30.06.2021
td 25.08.2021
5-person houses from 460 zł/day from 290 zł/day **
Double room from 190 zł/day from 140 zł/day
3 bed room from 240 zł/day from 180 zł/day
4-person trailer * from 180 zł/day from 110 zł/day
3-person trailer * from 85 zł/day from 70 zł/day
Climate fee in accordance with the resolution of the City Council in Łeba

* – Rent a trailer without bedding
** – Depending on the number of people
One parking space is included in the price of the house and room
Rental of a bed and bath tub for a child – PLN 20 / day
Additional additional place – PLN 50 a day.
Check-in starts at 14 on the day of end and ends at 10 on the day of departure