Price list

Price list of caravaning fields and campsite 2017

Adults 15zł /day
Children 14zł /day
Children under 3 years old 0zł /day
Children under 10 years old 10zł /day
Tent for 1-2 people 12zł /day
Tent for 3-4 people 20zł /day
Tent for more than 4 people 30zł /day
Car 14zł /day
Bus 18zł /day
Small auto caravan 32zł /day
Big auto caravan 38zł /day
 Caravan  22zł /day
Connection to electricity supply 14zł /day
Animals 5zł /day
Climat Tax in accordance with the resolution of the City Council in łeba

-up to 30 June and from August 25, possibility for negotiation of prices up to 30% depending on the time of stay
-from 30 June to 25 August-10% off stay at position a one-off payment for a stay more than 7 days
Night on the place starts at 14 on the day of arrival and ends at 14 on the day of departure